1. The Lilium Jet

    Electric VTOL Jet

    The Lilium Jet combines the convenience of vertical take-off capability with the speed of a jet on intercity regional missions. It features 30 battery-electric motors within the main wings and canards' flaps—the only moving exterior parts. These flaps tilt downwards during hover and align flush once in cruise, enhancing aerodynamics and allowing seamless operation between the airframe and powerplant.

  2. Capacity Configured

    Longest cabin

    The Lilium Jet's design also enables us to provide the longest eVTOL cabin at 3 meters, surpassing most VIP helicopters. This cabin offers generous and uninterrupted space for various configurations, including up to 6 passenger seats, making our jet the most versatile eVTOL platform on the market.

  3. Control Space

    Focused flight

    Respecting the importance of pilot situational awareness, the jet interior includes a separated cockpit. The thoughtful layout allows pilot privacy and minimizes distractions, whilst maintaining proximity to the cabin, guaranteeing a safe and smooth journey for everyone.

  4. Simple Integration

    Compact footprint

    The Lilium Jet’s low D-value of under 14 metres means no upscaling of existing infrastructure is required. The jet fits perfectly into existing heliports or landing spots. There is no need for extravagant vertiports or fancy terminals to accommodate the Lilium Jet, unless desired by customers, ensuring simplicity and cost-effectiveness in its adoption.

  5. Communally Considered

    Noise contained

    Lilium's ducted fan technology reduces the jet’s acoustic signature noise through thoughtful engineering that controls noise emissions from enclosed engines and directs engine flows away from both the cabin and surrounding communities. This careful design significantly reduces external noise, enhancing public acceptance and ensuring a calm and quiet cabin experience.

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